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A Stitch In Time, Townshend, VT 1753-2003 Hard-cover, full color book of Townshend's history. 288 pgs. Hundreds of photographs.

Excerpt from book:
"At a meeting in Massachusetts of Townshend’s charter grantees in 1761, it was voted that the person who got to Townshend first would have the first choice of lots. Colonel John Hazeltine went home and passed the night. Early in the morning, he said to his wife, “Jane, put some bread and cheese into the saddle-bags”; and to his boy, “Peter, lead up the old switch-tailed mare, for I am going to Townshend.” And so begins the story: of settlers arriving on horseback and on sleds drawn by oxen; of farming and millworking; of marrying and soldiering."


About the friendship between two well-known American Revolutionary War figures, Ethan Allen and Col. John Hazeltine. Limited number for sale at THS.
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(Published by West Townshend Historical Society, 1991). A well-researched pamphlet about Townshend's own Gen. Fletcher and events leading up to the Dorset Convention and the formation of Vermont as an independent republic, and then as a state.
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One year membership, Jan - Dec
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